Patty & Jon W., Arlington, VA

"I highly recommend Carolyn Connell ! As an ex-foreign service member who works with many foreign service families, Carolyn really understands the needs of FS families.

We were itching to find something quick, so Carolyn sent us a bunch of listings while we were overseas, and then met with us for an intensive search once we were Stateside. She also shared the names of former clients/friends to talk with us about neighborhoods, schools, etc., as realtors can't discuss these aspects themselves. Really helpful!"
Cheers -

Jennifer Dinoia

“Carolyn Connell (also a long-time AAFSW volunteer/former FS spouse) has helped us with both buying AND selling a home and was magnificent with both transactions.

In 2007, (a tough market period), Carolyn had a strong buyer sign on the dotted line of our (already rented) home within 19 days of our house going on the market! Our previous Realtor wouldn't even consider putting the tenant-occupied house on the market, but Carolyn stepped up to the challenge and made it the 'easiest closing ever' according to the buyer's Realtor.

Carolyn also helped me buy our current home in 3 days. Other than choosing the house and signing the contract, everything was done by email/phone/fax. (She also found an incredible lender for us who not only found us an excellent loan, but continues to work for us by constantly re-assessing rates to see if we are ready for a refinance or better terms.)

I highly recommend Carolyn.”

Penelope L.. Arlington, VA

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend (Carolyn) to anyone in need of an outstanding agent who understands the market and can be counted on to give 110 percent to her clients.”

Hannah C, Oakton, VA

“I am always telling people about you. You are definitely one of the most phenomenal realtors I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with.”

Lori B., Burke, VA

"You have been fabulous!  I would refer people to you in a heart beat!"

Jorge A, Springfield

"WJD Property Management suggested we work with Carolyn Connell when we were ready to sell my mom’s Virginia home. Since we were living in Florida, my main concern was the distance. However, I felt extremely comfortable with Carolyn throughout the process. She was very thorough in explaining the strategy and timing for putting the house on the market. This was new to me. In the past, the agents I dealt with on other properties were in a hurry to put them in the MLS at once. Carolyn suggested we wait about three weeks to ensure the MLS listing would be about 45 days from the end of the lease of the current tenants. Immediately, I knew Carolyn was different.

Once she took over the property, she was in constant communication with me, and the property management company. She set up a real estate agent's feedback e-mail system for me so I could gauge the state of the home and possibilities of sale. With Carolyn's recommendations for a few improvements and minor fixes, the house sold in less than 30 days. We received three offers and took the best one based on the buyers' application.  

Thank you Carolyn. My mom has been very happy with this transaction. Thanks to WJM PM for referring you to us.”

Steven L., Burke

“I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn to sell my townhouse. Even though I no longer live in the area, Carolyn made the sale easy for two reasons: she knew how to characterize the current market and she understood my bottom line. It only took about 2 weeks to get the townhouse under contract, but Carolyn and I had been in contact for almost 2 years before that. Twice during that time period she contacted me to update me on recent sales in my neighborhood, allowing me to make the decision to continue renting. By helping me to understand the market, and also not pushing me to sell immediately, I was extremely comfortable continuing working with her because of the trust we had established.

When we finally made the decision to sell, I was very clear on my bottom line, and we both got creative to make sure that I walked away with what I wanted. Looking back, there were some hard decisions to make. Carolyn kept me informed every step of the way, and let me know all of the options, easy and hard. Therefore, I was comfortable selling my house through Carolyn despite being hundreds of miles away.”

Miriam M, Arlington

“This a long-overdue thank you for all the superb work you did for me when you sold my house in Arlington. Your help from start to finish was so valuable and beneficial. I am sure that I couldn’t have done it without you. 

At the start, you generously provided me with sales-related information to complete the transfer for my employer, long before the move was finally approved and we could formalize our agreement.

You gave us great advice on important pre-market steps; you broke down the overwhelming open house preparation process. You seemed able to assess my own tastes and preferences, and made me very comfortable with the steps I needed to take. Your recommendations proved invaluable.

I always appreciated your carefully informing me about changing market values in my neighborhood. I am certain that part of my successful sale was due to having the correct asking price. Your diligence and patience during the negotiation process were very professional.  In the end the closing went smoothly due in large part to your efforts".

Jenny M., Arlington

"I am pleased to recommend Carolyn Connell as a realtor. She did a great job preparing my house for sale –  quite a feat given that I was thousands of miles away.

Carolyn figured out what repairs and fix-ups were needed for the house to be in 'for sale' shape and also found well-priced contractors and coordinated their work. Most important, for me, were Carolyn's honesty and diligence. She returned my phone calls or emails almost immediately, even when she was out-of-town.
On the ball and proactive, I never had to remind Carolyn of anything. She always followed up instantly on things, including sorting out inspection issues that came up while the house was under contract. She quickly handled the situation. What could have been very stressful ended up being fine.  She was really diligent and energetic in getting everything done, and also just very honest, nice and trust-worthy. It was a pleasure to work with her."

Todd & Elizabeth K, Fairfax

“Carolyn is a knowledgeable real estate agent, as well as a wonderful person.

When we first interviewed Carolyn, we were impressed by her knowledgeable answers to our questions. Carolyn was completely forthright about all aspects of real estate history and practices. She was very patient in answering our questions as first-time sellers. Carolyn’s explanations were so wonderful. She was able to break things down and explain matters so we could understand them. It was Carolyn’s idea to have a professional photographer take pictures for the virtual home tour. They turned out beautifully, and I truly believe the reason we sold our house within 2 weeks is because of the dedicated website and those pictures.

I treasure her honesty, friendliness, and forthrightness in conducting business, qualities that not everyone has. I do not hesitate in recommending Carolyn to all my friends".

SN Boyle

"Dear Carolyn,

We want to thank you formally (and in writing) for the wonderful job you did with both the selling and buying of our house. You are one of the most patient and professional people we have ever dealt with, in real estate or any other activity!

Your advice on prepping our former house for sale and your help getting it under contract in such a short time were terrific. They made the purchase of our next home possible.

With your experience and thorough research, we were able to price our old house correctly for the market – key to getting the house sold.

Nearly as important, your knowledge and expertise (not to mention powers of persuasion!) that led us to “de-clutter” the house and stage it for sale were vital in generating buyer excitement about the property.

Your real-estate knowledge got us through initial negotiations and the inspection. Thanks to your efforts, we found our new house, negotiated the price and closed on both properties almost simultaneously – a feat almost unheard of in today's market.

We've told many friends about the smooth selling and purchase for both houses and they can't believe our good fortune. We tell them that our “luck” has a name, Carolyn Connell. We would never take our real estate needs anywhere else.

You're the best! Please don't hesitate to call if we can ever do anything for you!"

Thank you!